"Circulation and delivery of hormones through the endocrine
system improved with repeated sauna use."

Two systems coordinate your body’s activities and movement: the nervous system and the endocrine system. While the nervous system reacts quickly to either an internal or external-stimuli (such as hitting your elbow and feeling pain), the endocrine system works more slowly and uses hormones as messengers. These messengers are delivered by the blood stream and take longer to reach the individual body parts and systems (please see section on circulation). Both the nervous system and the endocrine system are essential in proper body functioning. Both systems work hand in hand to accomplish action and movement in the body, and by body parts (such as the stomach, liver, etc.). I was able to locate two studies conducted specifically on hormonal responses to heat exposure in saunas (Kukkonen­Harjula, K. et al. 1989; Kauppinen, K. et al, 1989). In both of these studies, sauna use was favourable in helping the endocrine system deliver hormones to body systems. Circulation and delivery of hormones through the endocrine system improved with repeated sauna use. It is safe to say that improvement of circulation in the blood also improves delivery of hormones to the body.

I will give a continued caution at this point – please refer to your doctor for all medical illnesses and questions. Improved health and circulation through regular exercise, proper diet, and infrared sauna use will help you reduce or eliminate many medications; however, some systems (such as the thyroid system) may always need chemical medications for proper functioning. It is best to have your medical doctor check your blood and examine your medications often as you begin and continue infrared sauna use. You may find, as I have, that a reduction in most medications happens over time. KMB

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