"An infrared sauna is a safe way to raise heart rate
to mimic an exercise situation."

If you or someone close to you has paralysis, you are looking for ways to safely keep the internal body systems working even if one or more of the limbs no longer work. Keeping heart rate up, but not forcing the para or quadriplegic to have overdue stress on their system is important. One study conducted in 1992 examined the effects of traditional sauna use on tetra and paraplegic subjects. In both groups heart rates rose significantly and declined normally with no significant changes in systolic blood pressure for both groups. While there was a significant drop in diastolic blood pressure for the tetraplegic group during the post sauna phase, there were no subjects that fainted and blood pressure returned to normal after a short period of time (Gerner et al, 1992). These results are impressive for a paralyzed person as they demonstrate a safe way to raise heart rate to mimic an exercise situation. With an infrared sauna, safety is even more assured because of lower temperatures and longer time sessions. As with all medical issues, please refer to your doctor and/or physiotherapist before using an infrared sauna.

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