"According to Vancouver naturopath, Jim Chan, far ­infrared therapy has the ability to break the protective rings around harmful molecules so the cancer cell can no longer survive."

An ancient Greek doctor named Parmenides stated, “Give me a chance to create fever and I will cure any disease” (Hancock, 2003). Cancer continues to be one of the top killers in modern society. Cures for cancer are rare, intrusive, and painful. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can put any family into a tailspin of fear and apprehension for the future. Cancer foundations abundantly dot the number of organizations striving to find cures for virtually any diagnosed type of cancer. Multiple therapies emerge seemingly daily. The three common major forms of therapy include chemotherapy (invasive, debilitating, frightening), radiation (the same), and surgery along with a multitude of alternative therapies from shock therapy to photo therapy to nutritional supplements and herbal supplements to help the body rid itself of malignant cells and tumors. Holistic cancer treatments work on strengthening the entire immune system and killing off toxic cancer cells through such interventions as diet modifications, anti­cancer herbs, and nutritional supplements. Even positive mental imagery helps the cancer patient work toward eliminating the enemy within. One thing all modalities agree upon is that cancer cells cannot survive heat. Cancer cannot live in temperatures above 42 degrees Celsius (107.6 degrees F). Infrared heat becomes a “hyperthermic” treatment that artificially raises the body temperature allowing the body to literally burn out cancer cells. Malignant cancer cells are more sensitive to heat than healthy cells. Hyperthermic treatment consists of heating the body either in the local area of the cancer cells or tumor, regional sections, or by treating the entire body. Short & Turner (1980) found that hyperthermic treatments were especially successful in killing cells that radiation or chemotherapy previously were unable to kill, thus making a combination therapy of chemo, radiation, and hyperthermia desirable.

Infrared waves penetrate the skin past the epidermis into the dermis (outer skin layer to inner skin layer) of depths of approximately 3/4 to 1/5” (inches) (6­8cm or 1.0­2.5mm) (ICNIRP, Health Physics, Dec 2006, Vol 91, Number 6). This deeper penetration of heat into the skin results in increased action of the cell structure releasing water and toxins. With the build up of chemo chemicals in the system, this rapid warming and releasing of water molecules and toxins, aids in a quicker reduction of chemicals in the body system.

According to Vancouver naturopath, Jim Chan, far­ infrared therapy has the ability to break the protective rings around harmful molecules so the cancer cell can no longer survive. At the same time, it also weakens the bonds between toxins and human tissues allowing the flushing of stored toxins out of the system faster and in greater quantities through sweating and excretion. Cancer patients, on average, have a higher load of toxins than healthy individuals, making the importance of flushing toxins from the system doubly important.

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