"Blackstone Saunas uses only the highest quality products & materials!"

Product components from wood, heaters, electrical wiring, control panels, hinges, seating, and other operable components are always of the highest quality and excellence. Our engineers inspect and approve every sauna. Each one of our products has an individual serial number that enables us to track the quality of manufacturing for warranty purposes and ensures every product meets our high standards.


Here are just SOME of the reasons why Blackstone Saunas epitomizes quality in everything we do:

  • 9 years of brand strength, with continued exposure from being chosen as the supplier for the 2010 Olympic village and US speed skating team
    Dedicated customer support with a full team of sauna technicians

  • Only complete sauna company in North America; we supply every type of sauna you need

  • All of our custom saunas and sauna kits are manufactured in Canada

  • A scientific researcher on our team to ensure you and your staff are knowledgeable not only on the products, but also how they help your customers

  • First and ONLY Infrared sauna company that has ETL/UL and CSA electronic approval on all of our  sauna products

  • First and ONLY company to have a full time research consultant

  • Only sauna company with full time sauna technicians

  • Only sauna company with manufacturing both in Canada and overseas

  • Recommended by more health professionals and contractors than any other


Blackstone Heaters:

  • ™ Patented Eco Carbon emitters with ULTRA LOW EMFs and NO VOCs

  • ™Our exclusive Eco Carbon heaters are the first ecologically friendly heaters on the market.

  • ™ Eco Carbon heaters use a unique heat pressure to seal the carbon fibre weave between 10 layers of environmentally friendly, non-conductive material

  • ™ The use of ten sandwich layers makes for the most efficient heater available

  • ™Eco Carbon heaters are over 95% efficient with a micron wave between 6 and 13, with the majority at 9.4 microns- the optimal point for human heating output

  • ™ Eco Carbon heaters produce lower EMFR’s (electromagnetic ratios) than any other heaters on the market

  • ™ Eco Carbon heaters are not only the most efficient and ecologically friendly heaters, they are also the world’s safest.  Each individual heater has its own patented thermal safety device.



  • ™ All saunas have solid finished Canadian Hemlock wood on all sides with no fillers or plywood

  • ™ Front, side, and back panels coated in a light, non-toxic finish that is beautiful from any angle

  • ™ Blackstone Saunas does not use varnish or any substance that will emit toxic vapors on the interior

  • ™ A gentle, weekly soap scrubbing and a once yearly sanding will easily clean the interior


Infrared saunas:

  • Features include bluetooth stereo, ionizers and our exclusive latching system

  • Clinically tested technology


Custom Saunas and Awards:

  • U.S. Olympic speed skating star Apollo Ono won 5 gold medals while using a Blackstone Sauna as part of his daily training

  • Blackstone was chosen to construct the infrared sauna in The Erickson, Vancouver’s 2010 winner for Best Multi-Family High Rise Development:

  • 2010 Winner Olympics – Best Multi-Family High Rise Development

  • Concord Pacific Developments Corp.

  • The Erickson – Vancouver BC

  • Blackstone was chosen to construct an infrared sauna in the 2010 Olympic village

  • Blackstone was hand-picked by Hollingsworth Architecture as a supplier for Canada’s largest and most expensive house, 4707 Belmont in Vancouver. The infrared sauna was quoted as being “one of the best rooms”  in the 47,000 square foot, $100 million house.


  • Constructed a special sauna in Fairmont Pacific Rim’s spa, a leading-edge hotel in Vancouver

  • Constructed a custom infrared sauna in the upcoming Shangri-La hotel in Toronto

  • Chosen by one of Vancouver’s leading developers, Adera, to construct saunas for the
    following award winning projects:

    2015 Best Multi-Family Low Rise Development – Salus Green 
    2019 Sustainable and Innovative Community Award 

    2016 Residential Community of the Year – Green