"Sweating in an infrared sauna for 20-­30 minutes 3x a week or more provides a boost to your system and helps your blood flow better"

Your body has a series of systems that work together to fine tune every bit of your physical, mental, and emotional life. Your skeletal system provides structure and in conjunction with your muscular system provides you with movement. Your respiratory system brings fresh oxygen to your cells while expelling waste through carbon dioxide. Your endocrine system regulates your growth, hormones, and emotions. Your nervous and hormonal systems ensure you feel, hear, and process information physically as well as mentally. Your digestive system processes the food you eat, stores it as energy, and releases what you don’t need as waste through the excretory system.


Your immune system helps protect your body from disease. Your circulation system carries the blood throughout your body like a major highway system but also ensures every small tributary and out of the way crevice is provided with blood that is the major carrier of oxygen and nutrients. For you to have a healthy body, all of these systems work together in harmony. When one of them is malfunctioning, something else suffers. Perhaps the most important system to great health is the circulatory system. A poor circulatory system results in heart issues, strokes, as well as a myriad of other debilitating illnesses. You work hard to maintain your health through proper diet and exercise, but what if you need a little more boost? Sweating in an infrared sauna for 20-­30 minutes 3x a week or more provides this boost to your system and helps your blood flow better.

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