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Inducing our brand new line of Signature saunas! These beautiful modular infrared saunas are compact and easy to assemble. They include upgraded features such as a towel rack, magazine holder, drink shelf, and bluetooth speakers. The signature line up can accommodate 1-3 people depending on the unit.

Signature ONE PERSON

The Signature One is out most compact sauna that still delivers best in class infrared heating. It's size is perfect for those with limited space, small condos or even walk-in closets!

Exterior: 37.5” (W) x 37.5” (D) x 75” (H)

Capacity: 1 Person

Electrical: 120V - 1200W - 15A

*Standard Wall Outlet plug & play

Signature TWO PERSON

The Two Person is easily the most popular unit among sauna users. The spacious interior and modern design make this model a great fit with virtually every decor style in a home or business. It is a great unit to sit alone and lift your legs up and relax or it’s perfect to sit with your partner and relax together!

Exterior: 43.5” (W) x 41.5” (D) x 75” (H)

Capacity: 2 Person

Electrical: 120V - 1680W - 15A

*Standard Wall Outlet plug & play

Signature CORNER TWO

The compact yet spacious design of the Corner Two allows you to make the most of the space you have, whether it’s the corner of an exercise room or a master bedroom. It features a spacious L-shaped bench.

Exterior Front: 26” (Sides) x 37” (Front) x 75” (H)

Exterior Back: 43.5" x 43.5"

Capacity: 2 Persons

Electrical: 120V - 1800W - 15A

*Standard wall outlet - plug & play


The Signature Three is our largest modular unit. It is perfect for stretching out on your own or relaxing comfortably with friends. Heaters are positioned at all angles to ensure complete infrared coverage for all users.

Exterior: 59” (W) x 43.5” (D) x 75” (H)

Capacity: 3 Persons

Electrical: 120V - 2000W - 20A *Dedicated 20A Breaker Required

Signature Series FEATURES

Signature Series INFRARED PANELS

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